Dermalina Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Clinic
In the heart of the capital, Amman, the Dermalina Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Clinic is located. State-of-the-art integrated medical clinic treating various skin diseases, non-surgical cosmetic procedures and laser therapy. Which is characterized by its commitment to the highest scientific and professional medical standards, locally and internationally
Our vision:
The vision of Dr. Alina Salman, founder of the Dermalina Clinic, a specialist in dermatology, skin beautification and laser therapy, revolves around the philosophy of Patient First.
Where she believes that every patient is a different person in his own person and has different requirements and aspirations from others, and he is entitled to obtain the best level of health care and therefore the necessity to design a treatment plan suitable for him alone, without applying a unified treatment template that fits all
She also believes that “beauty is the companion of generations”, and that every human being is beautiful in his own right and all we have to do is highlight this beauty and naturally crystallize its features to give our reviewers more self-confidence and a sense of happiness and complete comfort.
Our mission:
Dermalina Clinic strives to provide the latest science in the field of skin treatment, beautification and anti-aging, and is committed to providing the latest high-tech, advanced and highest quality therapeutic and cosmetic devices, and to use the finest types of medical materials and injections in line with internationally recognized medical foundations. In light of a permanent commitment to achieving the continuous development of our medical services and improving the expertise and skills of our workers, bearing in mind the desired future and relying on innovation, innovation and teamwork.
Our values ​​and principles:
1- Our passion for serving our auditors and providing services that exceed their expectations and in line with their great confidence, as excellence and professionalism is the slogan of the work team at Dermalina Clinic
2- Innovation, creativity and development by providing dermatological, cosmetic and laser services in an innovative way that meets the aspirations of the auditors
3- Contribute towards a better tomorrow by playing our role in community service and adhering to our social responsibility towards our beloved country.
4- The application of the highest levels of professional ethics as a company and as employees through honest and credible dealings. And a team that displays a spirit of humility in thought and practice