Cosmetics Procedures

-Botox injection for the elimination of active wrinkles
-Filler injection for lifting and countering the face. Filling lips, temple areas, in addition to defining the the jawline and chin, which is known as the of Texas and Nefertiti technique. Non-surgical rhinoplasty Various skin boosters and antioxident injections.
-Platelets Rich Plasma PRP, to renew the skin and reduce wrinkles, halos and treatment of hair loss.
-Mesotherapy injections for whitening , treatments of dark circles, glowing skin, hair loss and dissolving local fat.
-Face lift using surgical threads of various types.
-Non Surgical Blepheroplasty using the latest Plasma technology via Plexer.
-Microneedling to regenerate skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen.
-Treatment of scars and the post acne marks, Stretch marks, face lifting and tightening and skin renewal, using the German Tixel ,which is the latest technology in the world and the first device of its kind in Jordan.