About Clinic

Dermalina Skin Clinic

Dermalina Skin Clinic is located in the heart of the Amman. It is the latest integrated dermatological clinic specialized in treating all kinds of skin diseases, aesthetic procedures and various laser treatments. It is marked by its commitment to the highest scientific and professional medical standards on both local and global levels.

Our vision :


Dr. Alina Salman, founder of the Dermalina Clinic, Board certified dermatologist and aesthetic specialist, believes that every patient is unique, with different character, ambitions and expectations, and entitled to obtain the best level of healthcare, in the most personalized way, without applying a unified therapeutic approach that fits all. She also believes that everyone is beautiful in his\her own way, and it is our job to highlight and maintain this beauty in a natural way, to raise our patients self-esteem, make them feel more confident and happy.

Our Mission :


Dermalina Skin Clinic provides the latest therapies and techniques in the field of dermatology and anti-aging. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art therapeutic and aesthetic equipments with the highest quality and efficacy. Along with our dedication to using the finest and safest materials, devices and injectables in line with internationally recognized guidelines.

Our values and principles:


1: We are passionate about serving our patients and exceeding their expectations as excellence and professionalism is the team logo of the Dermalina Clinic.

2: Innovation, creativity and continuous development of our dermatological and aesthetic services to meet our patients trust in us.

3: Contributing to a better tomorrow by doing our share in community service and our commitment to our social responsibility towards our beloved Jordan.

4: Applying the highest standards of professional ethics as a company and employees through honesty, and a humble, cooperative and helpful team.